Your In-Home Care Assessment allows you to meet with one of A Network of Cares' Registered Nurse(s) to gain a better understanding of how our Care Specialists may assist you. We take this opportunity to learn more about you and your loved one and what you are looking for from a Home Care Agency.

In-Home Care Assessment Functions

1.  A Comprehensive Needs Assessment. 

Activities of daily living, cognitive function, and mobility that fit among our list of home care services includes most of the needs we come across.

2.  Daily Routines. 

We help create daily routines by tailoring our services to meet your individual needs.

3.  Health Requirements/Medication. 

We assist to doctor’s visits and help with medication reminders. Our care specialists have knowledge, skills and experiences that cover a variety of health conditions common in older adults.

4.  Home Safety Inspection. 

A home safety assessment is designed to enable seniors to live independently and enjoy their accustomed quality of life without danger of hospitalization.

5.  Special Needs.

We provide specialized care for those experiencing symptoms of dementia and alzheimer's disease. 

6.  Customized Care Plan. 

The Care Plan is developed after the full Nurse Assessment and is customized to the clients needs. 


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